Best of 2017

2017 has been my biggest year in photography. I started collaborating with amazing creatives, was published in 5 magazines, & most importantly - started believing in myself as an artist {a word that still makes me cringe a little}.

There was a defining moment this year when I overcame the fear of calling myself an artist/creative/photographer. I hopped in a Lyft to meet some friends at a bar downtown & started chatting with my Lyft driver (something I never do, & frankly, avoid at all costs). He talked about how he & his wife were fashion photographers & he was driving for Lyft to save some cash for a big project. I bashfully threw in "oh yeah, I'm an aspiring fashion photographer". Without missing a beat, he told me "just call yourself a fashion photographer. There's no defining moment where you are one or you're not. We're all aspiring in some way."

Later I found out my Lyft driver was Scot Redman. He probably has no idea what this serendipitous car ride did for me as an artist, but I'm grateful. 

To wrap this year I picked one favorite image from every shoot in 2017. Not based on likes, comments, retweets, pins, pokes, shares, saves, etc.. just my own opinion. They're in chronological order, so keep scrolling - it gets better. 

Leave a comment & let me know what your favorite was (or just say hi - I like seeing who looks at this stuff)


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