I am a 22 year old self taught photographer living in Dallas, Texas. My best friend, Truman (handsome guy to the left), is a 3 year old self taught bartender - his specialty is a gin martini, up. 

I started taking photos as a Junior in college and every day since then I wish I had started sooner - I could have saved myself 3 calculus classes and a lot of money. Here I am, though, with an engineering degree and a burning passion for clean lines & cool tones. 

Photography reaffirmed something I already knew as an engineer: I am a perfectionist. Editing a photo can often be a painstaking process - few artists I know are ever content with their work. When you stare at something too long you wish you could forget and see it for the first time again.

I feel that because I am an engineer, and so technical minded, my approach to photography is different than that of someone who is innately artistic. I piece a photo together like it is an equation to solve; each component contributes to the final result. 

In 2018 I made the jump from corporate to creative & co-founded Secretary Studio with my partner Stefani Billings. Together we do branding, post production, design, & photography. 


I've worked with some incredible people - here's a handful:

Aston Martin

GAIA for Women

Darling Media

Flanelle Magazine


Foreign Collections

Revel Workshop

Harper & Tucker

Kaltblut Magazine

Betty James Jewelry

Nikki Smith Designs

Elizabeth Leese

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

Monogram Apartments